One wonderful thing about playing violin is the huge variety of repertoire. As a violinist, I get to play symphonies, operas, concertos, sonatas, solo works and every combination of chamber music under the sun, including string quartets. In fact, the incredible depth of string quartet repertoire was a huge part of why I joined the Vega String Quartet.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend my musical life than to explore these great works with three like-minded colleagues.  I thought on this page I would share particular pieces of repertoire that have had an impact on me, instead of giving you a laundry list of everything I've ever played (if you are interested in that information, it can my found in my Electronic Press Kit). I hope you enjoy!

I think that the Cavatina movement from Beethoven's String Quartet in Bflat, op. 130, holds a special place of reverence for all chamber music lovers. Some people characterize the character of this movement as melancholy, but I prefer to think of it as hopeful. I find myself very moved to think about Beethoven, completely deaf by this point, sitting at the page and writing a movement of such great tenderness, beauty and directness of communication. I am happy to share one of my favorites of this piece, a recording of the Guarneri Quartet. The quartet themselves have been a huge influence on my playing and approach to music, and I was privileged to study with, and even on occasion play with several members during my time at Curtis and beyond.  The piece is so moving to me that I always find myself upset when this movement ends. Hopefully it isn't too long until the Vega Quartet programs Op. 130!

The Guarneri Quartet plays the Cavatina movement from Beethoven's String Quartet in B flat, Op. 130.