Respighi, Il Tramonto for quartet and soprano

The text for this beautiful and haunting work comes from a Percy Shelley poem, translated into Italian by Respighi himself. The poem describes a young woman who spends the night with her lover, only to awake and find that he has died in the night. The poem (and the piece) continues, describing the rest of the woman's long and lonely life until she passes away in peace to join her lost love.

Schubert, Trio in Bflat, D. 898, mvt. I

Moritz Winkelmann, piano, Elizabeth Fayette, violin, and Carl-Oscar Østerlind, cello.  Recorded at the Royal Danish Conservatory.

Bach, Concerto for two violins in d, BWV 1043

Xiao Wang and Elizabeth Fayette with Conductor Dongmin Kim and The New York Classical Players.